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Charles Darwin referred to the Origin of Species as “that mystery of mysteries”, and after more than a century of research, scientists have started to unravel the underlying processes that have produced the stunning diversity of life observed around us.

KLADOS’ mission:

As of today the Earth remains the only place known to harbour life. Yet over 99% of species that ever inhabited our planet are estimated to have completely disappeared. This huge loss of life forms reveals the power of natural selection that has, relentlessly, retained the best-adapted creatures over four billion years of history of life. These have gradually evolved in so many ways that trillions of different species have succeeded in colonizing almost all niches available on Earth.

Why has such a puzzling diversity prevailed instead of just a few thousands most successful species? This question drives students of evolution to better understand the causes underlying such an astounding creative process. The KLADOS Fund endeavours to support research projects that advance our knowledge of this fundamental evolution challenge.

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